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Biogranum breeding

Results of our cereals breeding program

Our business strategy
Phase 1

Biogranum develops advanced lines of bread wheat, triticale, durum wheat, spelt wheat, barley, and oats – suitable to be grown in a wide spectrum of environments, and enrolls them for registration.

Phase 2

Biogranum produces breeders seed and pre-basic seed of the registered varieties.

Phase 3

Biogranum is offering to partners exclusive rights to produce and market the basic seed, C1 and C2 – on the basis of full or partial license agreements. Partnership agreements can be made at the beginning, during or after official application/registration of the varieties.

Phase 4

Owners/partners produce and sell basic seed, C1 and C2 in targeted countries/regions.

Also, Biogranum varieties (except 2S) are for sale and interested parties may purchase full ownership of the variety.

Wheat of Change

Innovative products and services for breeding programs worldwide

Cereals production is experiencing yield stagnation, mostly due to very limited improvements of yield potential obtained by breeding in the last 20 years. Still, 98,5% of potentially useful genetic variability present in tens of thousands of already developed and registered genotypes is not being used in cereals breeding!

In order to offer a solution to breeders worldwide, Biogranum has developed a solution which challenges yield plateauing by exploitation of novel and desirable genetic variability harbored in outstanding genepools from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle-East.

for gain

Choose from ready-made crosses.

A commercial platform offering opportunity to wheat breeding programs worldwide to enhance winter cereal yields by introducing novel genetic variability. Relevant data is accessible in a database, from which you can choose and order F2 grains from all crosses produced.

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Order your own F1 crosses.

Cerals crossbreeding by order – a special service brought about by popular demand. Saves time and money – you can order F1 and F2 grains to be produced for you by our team, and get more for less.

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R&D projects


a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 project

Wheat of Change

Bringing new genetics to wheat fields


Biogranum Organic Breeding

European Commission

Seal of Excellence 7/2017

2S Cereals

2S cereals project was awarded funding within the Matching Grants program

European Commission

Seal of Excellence 5/2017

About us

Biogranum can boast in rich and diverse field of expertise built up by over 25 years of experience in R&D and breeding.

Biogranum LLC was established in July 2013.
Since then we were engaged in a wide range of activities, which could be divided in four segments:

Research & Development

R&D and breeding of cereals (wheat, triticale, durum wheat, barley, spelt wheat and oats) using conventional plant breeding methods combined with modern agro-biotechnology approaches such as double haploid (DH) production and marker assisted selection (MAS), etc.

Consultancy Service

Highly professional bio-agriculture consultancy service to a broad spectrum of clients, in all main domains of their business activities e.g.: breeding, seed production, processing and sale, marketing strategies, rebranding and repositioning, approaching new markets, cost-benefit analysis, income growth and cost reduction (through optimization of working processes), investment, development, etc.

Education & Training

Education and training – seminars and courses in different aspects of modern agribusiness.


Various services in field of both science and “know-how” in agricultural sector.

Biogranum is an established


by a decree of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia

Our Goals


Biogranum vision is to become a top ranked breeding program, which will be a trusted business partner to any public or private entities working in cereals seed multiplication and sale.


Biogranum’s mission is to create new cereals varieties, which will withstand the challenges of global climate change, whilst providing outstanding yields and excellent quality.

Breeding Excellence

Biogranum specializes in breeding of cereals varieties capable to be planted from beginning of October up to the end of March next year (winter/spring growth habit “2S” – two-seasons). We strongly believe 2S cereals could be the best solution for the future of cereals production in a reshaped agro-climatic environment imposed by changes in both global and regional climate patterns.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team, comprised of experienced individuals.

Prof.dr Borislav Kobiljski

CEO & Founder

Dr Zorica Jestrović

Plant genetics & breeding

Gojko Mladenović, MSc

Seed Production

We want to bring new opportunities into wheat breeding

We Are BreedersWe Are CreativeWe Are DevelopersWe Are ConsultantsWe Are Biogranum

— lat. bios “life” granum “seed” —


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Novi Sad, 21000, Serbia

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