2S varieties registered

Three varieties of a brand-new type developed by Biogranum called “2S” (two season cereals) have been officially registered and will soon be listed in EU catalogue.

BG Ikona 2S

two season wheat variety

2S cereals combine both winter and spring genetics, carefully balanced inside of a single variety.

BG Duriamo 2S

two season durum wheat

2S cereals bring these advantages:

  • can be planted from September to April next year
  • re-sowing is possible in cases of damage or failure of initial crop for any reason
  • rapid germination, emergence and initial growth
  • balance of winter and spring genes causes extraordinary adaptability and tolerance to drought and heat stress
    during both vegetative and grain filling periods
  • stable grain yield over a range of different environments and years
  • can successfully match the high-yielders of real winter or real spring varieties
  • unprecedented technological quality of 2S wheats
    (protein content has been measured up to 18 %, wet gluten up to 35 %, Falling number (HFN) and W up to 400)

BG Triamo 2S

two season triticale

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