Biogranum Organic Breeding

The BOB project was initiated in 2014/15 season, with main objective to initiate a breeding program targeting creation of new cereals (wheat, triticale, durum wheat, barley, spelt wheat and oats) varieties suitable for production in organic farming systems.

Biogranum already produced crosses under BOB project using parents possessing highly heritable and organic related important traits such as early vigor, prostrate or semi-prostrate tillering type, tillering capacity, heading date, disease resistance, plant height, peduncle length, spike length, and other morphological characteristics and grain features such as thousand kernel weight.

Presently, BOB comprises over 350 crosses included in selection process (F2 and F1).

In 2016/2017 and following seasons, evaluation of new potential parents will be performed together with making of at least 200 targeted crosses annually for these purposes.

Selection in early generations (F1-F5) will be performed under conventional conditions and most prominent material will be tested in later phases, in organic fields.

In 2017, links with numerous partners from the organic R&D and breeding sector across Europe were established through a joint project application for funding in Horizon 2020. This collaboration is expected to flourish in the following years.