Cereals crossbreeding by order


By popular demand we offer a special service – cereals cross breeding by order.

Save time and money – order F1 (and F2) grains to be produced for you by our team of breeders and technicians with over 25 years of experience.

Instead of investing copious amounts to get less for more, work with us and get more for less.




F0 grains

F1 plant

F2 grains

Parents selection

You can select parents from our crossing block or supply parents for the crosses you want to be produced. Production is carried out in field conditions, and we’re focusing on producing winter cereals crosses. (vegetation season: October-July)

Cross production

Standard procedure uses 2 or 3 spikes per cross,
but can be increased in accordance with your demands.

The following year F1 plants are produced and F2 grains harvested.
Grain quantity obtained can range from 200-600 grams per cross.


  • Quality of the product and genetic purity is assured.
  • IPRs are fully regulated by declaration (MTA) and you have exclusive rights to the material derived from purchased crosses.
  • We are open to any additional demands, and discussion about any uncertainties you may have.