Varieties registered abroad

Varieties developed at IFVCNS (NS seed)

Varieties are authored or co-authored by Prof. Kobiljski

No.VarietyYear of registrationSpeciesCountry
1Vojvodina2005T. aestivumHungary
2Pannonia2005T. aestivumHungary
3FTHP Redeemer2005T. aestivumCanada
4Sonata2006T. aestivumRomania
5Rapsodija2006T. aestivumCroatia
7Mina2006T. aestivumRomania
8NS 40S2007T. aestivumHungary
9Nessa2007T. aestivumCroatia
11Pannonia NS2008T. aestivumFed. BiH.
12Bambi2008T. compactumHungary
13Rogneda2008T. aestivumUkraine
14NS 124/012008T. aestivumUkraine
15NS 40S/002008T. aestivumUkraine
16NS 100/012008T. aestivumUkraine
17Pjesma2009T. aestivumCroatia
18Arija2010T. aestivumFed. BiH.
19Ena2010T. aestivumHungary
20Rapsodija2010T. aestivumRussia
21NS Metka2011T. aestivumSlovenia
22NS Futura2012T. aestivumBulgaria
23NS Ilina2012T. aestivumBulgaria
24Rapsodija2013T. aestivumUzbekistan
Varieties developed at Biogranum

All varieties authored by Prof. Kobiljski

No.VarietyYear of registrationSpeciesCountry
25BG Borealis2018T. aestivumEU
26Andante2018T. aestivumEU
27Ansempra2018T. aestivumEU
28Andiga2018T. aestivumEU
30BG Ikona 2S2018T. aestivumEU
31BG Duriamo 2S2018T. durumEU
32Anilis2018T. aestivumEU
33Anitop2018T. aestivumEU
34Andrina2018T. aestivumEU
35Angardis2018T. aestivumEU
36BG Triamo 2S2019TriticosecaleEU
37BG Unistar2019T. aestivumEU
38BG Unigold2019T. aestivumEU
39Anium2020T. aestivumEU
40Anbra2020T. aestivumEU
41BG Klimatika2020T. aestivumEU
42BG Elastika2020T. aestivumEU
43BG Adaptina2020T. aestivumEU
44BG Adora2020T. aestivumEU
45BG Converta2020T. aestivumEU
46BG Phenoma2020T. aestivumEU
47BG Flexa2020T. aestivumEU
48BG Freska 2S2020T. aestivumEU
49BG Flexadur 2S2020T. durumEU
50BG Triflex 2S2020TriticosecaleEU
51BG Sparta2020T. speltaEU
52BG Specta2020T. speltaEU

Currently in the process of registration:

  • one line of Triticum aestivum pending registration.
  • two lines of Triticum aestivum in 2nd year of testing.
  • one line of Hordeum vulgare in 2nd year of testing.
  • one line of Triticum aestivum in 1st year of testing.